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concept and actors: Maria Giulia Campioli, Claudio Mariotti
light designer: Anna Pittina
Objects and costumes: Teatro al Quadrato
age 1-5 years


I like the gifts and the chocolate / even inventing a walk / following hundred and more bubbles flying up / playing with the ball and having a crazy run / sleeping, dreaming, being cradled / discovering the colors and making them play: / yellow and blue, I swear, I adore them / but red is the first one I use when I paint. / White is the silent from which I walk away, / but then I come back, because it is my home. / If I think properly I like everything! /
No, it is not true, losing is not nice, / and being alone is really sad: / who knows if you really come back when you leave… / All right, I wait, I have got lots of patience, / but next time I
come with you. / Now I run quickly to my room, / I close the door, I dream….and then I fly away.
Maria Giulia lives in her white world. May be it’s monotonous, but she’s got anything she needs. She likes it, she is happy. She cultivate a little dream: to grow a flower, a beautiful colourful flower, as the one drawn in the last page of her favourite book. She falls asleep every night with that image in her heart.

One night she receive a gift form the deam’s man, a red magical suitcase, full of sounds and colorful things, which are all necessaries to grow up a special present: a seed.
Maria Giulia Knows it: flowers arise from seeds. So she decides to take care of that seed:
she plants it, waters it, cuddles it, waits patiently it to grow up. Sometimes she feels a little bored, but she learns that if we want to reach a goal we need always time and perseverance: only in this way the flower will blossom.

The project I LIKE IT comes out unexpectedly from a book we re ad in our family:  (Minnie/Fortier, Ape Junior, Bologna Ragazzi Award 2014).
Premiere at Festival Visioni di futuro, visioni di teatro 2016, Teatro Testoni, Bologna